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Helicopter Division

HELIFAB holds Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) and Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for various installations, and the on staff DAR and DER provide an efficient FAA product approval process for development and certification of new product designs or improvements to existing systems. At HELIFAB, supporting our customer's mission requirements is our top priority.

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  Product Name Part Number Aircraft OEM Aircraft Model
Accessory Shelf 2570-01-01 Bell Helicopter Model-412
Accessory Shelf 2570-01-01 Bell Helicopter Model-212
Accessory Shelf 2570-01-01 Bell Helicopter Model-412EP
Auxiliary Fuel Tank HF-S76-I-9-1A Model-S-76A S-76A
Auxiliary Fuel Tank HF-S76-I-9-1A Model-S-76C S-76C
Auxiliary Fuel Tank HF-S76-I-9-1A Model-S-76D S-76D
Auxiliary Fuel Tank HF-S76-I-9-1A Model-S-76B S-76B
Auxiliary Fuel Tank HF-S76-I-9-2A Model-S-76D S-76D

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About Helifab

HELIFAB, Inc. was founded with the goal of maintaining a close working relationship with its customers in order to identify and implement STCed equipment to support their mission requirements in a timely fashion.


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